People in Transition

72. Dominic Imwalle - 2022 Top Job Search Expert To Follow On LinkedIn \

January 22, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 72
People in Transition
72. Dominic Imwalle - 2022 Top Job Search Expert To Follow On LinkedIn \
Show Notes

Dominic Imwalle believes you should be able to obtain your career dreams and that’s what he helps professionals do.  His clients have landed roles at Oracle, Deloitte, EY, Tata Consultancy, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Eaton, Salesforce, KPMG, PWC, Dell, Higher Education or started their own venture. But, landing your dream role doesn’t happen by chance, it takes hard work, patience, perseverance and working your job search plan.

Dominic has seen how treacherous the job searching process can be; automated rejections, ghosting, 14 rounds of interviews, and 250 applications a week. He does not want you to have to live in the process that every candidate believes to be normal.

We discussed many  things that will help you with your job search plan, including:

  • What are the two things that hold most people back from being successful in their job search?
    • Being too hard on yourself, now is the time to be a bit gentler and
    • Have a bias for action, you can revise your cover letter and résumé for hours and not be further along than if you this week, meet with five people that you want to be like and talk about how to get there.
  • Dominic shared that everyone should create a file of “winner notes” about your work, to remind yourself that you are an accomplished and good person. 
  •  It’s OK to check out job opportunities, even if you don’t need a new role today.
  • When you are networking, make certain that you are strategic about who you speak with, you want to connect with those people who are going to support you and help you in meeting other people that can help in your job search.
  • Make sure you spend time around new people; they will help energize and stimulate you.
  • We also went through a role-play exercise of several of the most common interview questions and what Dominic suggested to be home run responses.

Dominic is a caring, smart, and creative executive who really understands the recruiting and job transition environment. I think you will enjoy listening to this podcast several times and remember leave me your comments and share this with friends. 

Wishing you a great and employed 2023!

Music is "Le piano troix" by Torley on Piano is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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