People in Transition

73. Catherine Lamb - Career Transformation Expert

February 05, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 73
People in Transition
73. Catherine Lamb - Career Transformation Expert
Show Notes

Catherine Lamb is a leading UK-based career transformation expert who helps professionals manage their fear of failure as they go through a job transition.  

 Catherine worked for 15 years in recruitment and is a qualified coach from Henley Business School.  She brings together her wealth of knowledge and expertise to work with professionals who want to change careers and dread not being an expert in their new job or who want to step up into a key promotion but feel like an imposter.  

 Catherine has developed a successful action plan that helps her clients rapidly build their confidence, recognize their value, and get back into their comfort zone as they go through their job transition.

 Some of the key points we discussed in this episode include:

 ·         One of the common mistakes people in transition make is that the job will just leap out – it takes intentional search by the candidates.

·         When you get a “no” from a company or hiring manager – it is important that you remember the “no” is temporary and not forever.

·         A journal of what you did well and what you can do differently in your recruiting efforts helps you see the job search as a learning process – this is an important mindset and will help you build confidence along the way.

·         “Who else do you think I should speak with?” is an important question to use in person or on LinkedIn – it is in general not your second level contacts that will lead you to a job but your 3rd and 4th level – so growing that network is essential.

·         We discussed imposter syndrome (feeling like a fraud) and how it impacts your job-hunting efforts.

·         And she coaches her clients that the job search will make you feel unconfident, but that you are not alone, reach out and people will help you.

·         Remember, you can have an imposter moment; but that does not mean you have to have an imposter life.

 Catherine gave so many useful ideas and is such a warm and supportive person; you are going to want to listen to this more than one time.  Please leave me your questions and comments and remember to share this with others – we want to help the world of job seekers.  Thank you!!

Music is "Le piano troix" by Torley on Piano is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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