People in Transition

74. Heike Heemann - LinkedIn and Executive Coach

February 19, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 74
People in Transition
74. Heike Heemann - LinkedIn and Executive Coach
Show Notes

Heike Heemann is passionate about helping others shine in their careers. Her specialty is supporting mid-career professionals to find better career opportunities and build their professional brand on LinkedIn. If you need help optimizing your LinkedIn profile or creating your own LinkedIn strategy for attracting clients, connect with her on LinkedIn and find free resources at 

Heike also helps career women improve their confidence, professional networking skills, leadership and public speaking skills.

In this episode, Heike and I discussed several recruiting/LinkedIn tips including:

·        Your LinkedIn profile is a significant part of your online branding; your headline, banner and About section need to be impactful and consistent in their messaging.  Your brand highlights for the world if you are the “Starbucks or neighborhood corner store coffee” in your field.

·        Described who your second-degree connections (e.g., your connections’ – connections) is and how you can use them in networking and information gathering.

·        What does it mean to optimize your LinkedIn profile and why you need to make sure you use key words in your headline to help you be “found” by people you are interested in.

·        Some of the biggest mistakes people make on their LinkedIn profile, including not being specific enough and not being active on LinkedIn.

·        Heike recommends having a current and professional looking picture on your profile.

·        She also recommends to never stop networking – you want to grow and nurture your connections each week.

Heike’s marketing skills, business knowledge and coaching experience help her in making her message impactful and enjoyable. She shared so many great tips and techniques for LinkedIn that I had to go back and listen to her again just to be sure I got all her suggestions. 

I know you will enjoy your time with her – and please – with all the layoffs happening in today’s world – share this with others who can use the information.  Thank you! 

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