People in Transition

77. Sindy Thomas - Founder & Host, the Insider's Career Club Career Podcasts

April 02, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 77
People in Transition
77. Sindy Thomas - Founder & Host, the Insider's Career Club Career Podcasts
Show Notes

Sindy obtained a B.S. Degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education from California State University, East Bay.  In her junior year, she started, teaching Dance.  Later, she taught high school and pivoted into a Trainer role at a youth job-training program combining her love of education and business.

 In an HR career spanning over 25 years, she found her niche in a recruiting.  She has been a Recruiter, Sr. Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, Director of Talent Acquisition, and Principal Recruiting Consultant.  

 Sindy’s has worked in various industries, including healthcare and information technology; manufacturing like Clorox and Mother’s Cookies; as well as smaller bio-techs and pharmaceutical companies like Amgen; Berkeley Heart Lab, Inc., a Celera business; and Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc., a division of Pfizer. 

Sindy is the Founder, Host of, the Insider’s Career Club, a career podcast, career coaching business, and website. 

In this episode, Sindy shared so many great ideas on how to find your next great job easier and faster, including:

·         What are the four types of recruiters an applicant might run into, and what should you know about working with them?

·         How can you prepare for a virtual interview to be more effective?

·         Why do you want to write down your accomplishments, and what should you do with them?

·         What does it mean when people say, “Rejection is a part of the job search process”?

·         Why is being honest and knowing your skills critical in interviewing?

Sindy was so giving of her expertise and insights in the recruiting area.  You will want to listen to this episode more than once to ensure you get all the tips and techniques she shared.   These tip sheets can be found under job search.

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