People in Transition

78. Anne Donovan - HR Consultant

April 16, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 78
People in Transition
78. Anne Donovan - HR Consultant
Show Notes

Anne Donovan is a Human Resources leader known for developing new programs and training, dramatically improving employee retention and leadership performance.  Conducting extensive employee feedback research, she designs initiatives to address underlying issues across many industries.  Executives value her talent for identifying core workforce needs and taking action to develop and drive projects.  Anne’s passion lies in helping people grow, both personally and professionally.  Anne has a talent for spotting potential in people.  She is passionate about developing and supporting people, so they realize their full potential.  Anne has a proven track record of her leadership.  She is very good at influencing and motivating people- a true leader.  Leading culture shifts and change management during highly stressful times are some of her specialties. 

In this episode, Anne shared several ideas on how you can find your next job easier and faster, including:

·         You can have more confidence in your interviews if you prepare and research the company and the people you will meet.

·         Your emotions during the job search will be a roller-coaster; to help manage them, get plenty of rest, eat well, and exercise.

·         A job transition is filled with change management issues.

·         A “rejection resume” can help you see where you have come from and will guide your future.

·         Be yourself during the search and rely on a mentor or coach to support you.

Anne’s calm and deliberate style will help you deal with any speed bumps you are experiencing as you look for your next job.  She has many great suggestions and ideas for your job search – you will want to listen to her several times to get the most from her recording.

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