People in Transition

80. Brad Hill - successful transition candidate

May 14, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 80
People in Transition
80. Brad Hill - successful transition candidate
Show Notes

Brad Hill has 20 years of federal service as a leader (program management) in the Department of Agriculture and Forest Service and as an analyst and liaison in the Department of Defense (Intelligence Community).    He is now the US Health and Human Services Executive Officer, Administration of Children and Families, Region 10 (WA, ID, OR, AK).  But, before that, Brad found himself burnout and needing to change.   In this episode, we talk about his job transition experience, including:


·        How he knew he had to make a change for his mental and physical well-being, the signs of burnout he had to acknowledge.

·        It is OK, in fact, a good idea, to seek and get the help you need to deal with your concerns and self-doubt.

·        Getting back into a routine during your job search is very important.

·        One of Brad’s learnings about himself is that he has some avoidance issues and can be easily distracted; he had to acknowledge this as it directly impacted his search process.

·        As part of rebuilding his life, he became a certified Project Manager, read a lot, and got his health back on course; this was key for him to be at his best for his next significant job role.

·        Two critical lessons for Brad that he learned during his search included that you must believe in yourself and remain persistent in your search.


Anyone going through emotional/mental challenges can relate to Brad’s experience.  Brad was open and candid about his job-hunting experience, and if you are interested in a government or private role, Brad had great advice for the job seeker.


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