People in Transition

81. Davina Ware - Workplace and Career Strategist

May 28, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 81
People in Transition
81. Davina Ware - Workplace and Career Strategist
Show Notes

Davina Ware is a Career and Workplace Strategist, marketing professional, and founder of Upwardly Paved Path career coaching.    She leads her clients to reach their fullest potential through the latest career transition principles, personal branding, and professional empowerment. She launches professionals into careers of authority that utilize their gifts and talents and prepares businesses to create spaces where top talent can thrive.

 She is no stranger to career transitions as she has worked in higher education, telecommunications, nonprofit, and healthcare industries and experienced job loss herself.

 Davina takes a holistic approach to her career coaching and leadership development by offering personal and spiritual development to launch career success.  Her strategy is to motivate towards clarity, encourage overall growth, and combine her marketing expertise with the job search process.

 She is certified by the International Coaching Federation and is a certified Master Axiologist.  She holds an MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University and a Bachelor’s in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago. 

In this episode, Davina covered many topics that will be of interest to the job seeker, including:

·         Personal branding is a foundational element when looking for a job, as it helps set you apart from others; she talked about “packaging brand you.”

·         She discussed what networking is and how you can make it more comfortable for yourself

·         Successful interviewing means you have done your homework on the company and the people you are speaking with, but mainly you want to be honest and yourself

·         The importance of staying true to what brings you joy and your purpose

·         How looking for a job for people of color has added challenges

Davina is honest, thoughtful, experienced, and giving.  I know you will enjoy her as much as I did and that you will come back to listen to this episode again later in your job search.


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