People in Transition

85. Scott Maderer - Founder and Coach at Inspired Stewardship

August 07, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 85
People in Transition
85. Scott Maderer - Founder and Coach at Inspired Stewardship
Show Notes

In 2011, Scott and his wife Carrie took Inspired Stewardship as a business to serve Christian men and couples struggling to live out their calling.  They help align how you use your time, talent, and treasures so that you can identify and live a fully authentic life that allows you to live your calling, serve others, and provide for your family.  As certified Human Behavior Senior Consultants and members of the John Maxwell Team, they focus on helping you understand yourself and understanding others.  In 2017, they took the business full-time, offering assistance through one-on-one coaching, speaking, and workshops. 

 In this episode, Scott shared many ideas on recruiting and tips to find your next great job, including:

 ·         Scott shared how you can find out your strengths and weaknesses and how this helps you during your transition.,

·         Often, when people say they “can’t leave a toxic job because of the financial handcuffs” they have, it is because they have not intentionally focused on their revenue/spending.

·         You must engage in conversations with your partner or spouse about your job transition; you should dream together about what the next job you take can be.

·         We discussed the difference between being busy and being productive; the key is asking yourself, “will this action move the needle” in my job search and consistently doing those activities.

·         Having clarity on what you want to do next, focusing intentionally forward, and keeping your supporters close to you are all keys to finding your next great job.

In addition to finding Scott and his excellent job transition advice in this episode, Scott can be found at these links:






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