People in Transition

88. Neha Naik -3X Founder|Keynote Speaker|Human Centered Leader

September 17, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 88
People in Transition
88. Neha Naik -3X Founder|Keynote Speaker|Human Centered Leader
Show Notes

Neha Dixit-Naik helps companies hire and retain high-caliber team members by using her proven 3-step approach to consistently attract the best candidates, test their skills, and ensure they add to your culture. 
 Neha has worked with Fortune 15, 50, and 500 companies as a trusted expert. Her specialty is helping scaling businesses build and keep a first-rate team. 
 RecruitGyan offers full-service, full-cycle talent acquisition for tech and medical companies in startup, growth, and scale mode.

In this episode, Neha shared many recruiting tips and suggestions to help you find your next great job.  Some points we discussed include:

·         First impressions matter in your resume, LinkedIn home page, interviews, and as you network.

·         Mistakes people make as they search for jobs include dressing inappropriately, being late (or much too early), and not being their true self.

·         Some hot markets right now include AI, sales, medical tech, and clean tech.

·         Best advice to someone who has been laid off:  things happen for you, not to you; don’t take the layoff personally; figure out what your next job is going to look like; and journal during your transition to help you know where you have been and where you are going.

·         Key skills looked for in a candidate: communication skills, ownership/accountability of issues, meeting deadlines, and culture fit.

·         Three things to keep in mind during your job search:  have an abundance mindset, be prepared, and have fun in the process.

What a great discussion we had.  We talked on so many other topics than I listed here.   I know you will get as much out of this discussion as I did.   Enjoy!

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