People in Transition

89. Nan and Lisa - Finding your way to retirement

October 01, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 89
People in Transition
89. Nan and Lisa - Finding your way to retirement
Show Notes

Lisa and Nan's curiosity about retirement life was piqued when they opted for early retirement packages and experienced it firsthand.  Having spent decades working in financial services, their focus was on the financial aspect of retirement.  However, after gaining firsthand experience, they realized the striking similarities between retirement planning and career planning, excluding the need for resumes and interviews.  Motivated by their expertise in Design Thinking, they dove deeper into the issue, gathering stories from over 50 individuals.  With those valuable insights, they created "The Future of You" - a testament to the fact that meticulous planning can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

During this episode, we discussed:

·         As you focus on retirement, are you overwhelmed/unsettled, cautiously optimistic, or excited/engaged – and what does each of these stages mean?

·         Those facing retirement and are excited/engaged have in common a growth mindset, purpose, engage their community, and manage their energy – how can you get to this place in your journey?

·         What does "rebalance your life portfolio" mean, and how will it impact you?

·         How can you activate "retryment" and what it means for you and your happiness?

·         Retirement can be challenging, but knowing you are in the driver's seat will help get you to that exciting stage.

·         "What gets you up in the morning and makes you happy/fulfilled?" is a critical question that Nan and Lisa respond to – for others and themselves.

This was such an interesting and fun recording.  This episode is for you, whether you are in retirement or will be in the future.  Clients of theirs have said about their coaching (and you will be saying similar comments about what they share in our podcast) : 
  "The experience launched me."
  "My confidence and excitement about my future went up exponentially." 
  "Without The Future of You, you could easily float aimlessly for a long time without direction."

And you get this and more free in this recording.  Enjoy!

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