People in Transition

91. Jennifer Chavez - Executive Talent Recruitment & Placement

October 29, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 91
People in Transition
91. Jennifer Chavez - Executive Talent Recruitment & Placement
Show Notes

Jennifer is the President and Managing Director of the Global Recruiters Network of Moon Valley.  Global Recruiters of Moon Valley’s expertise includes recruitment of Executives & Professionals across the United States in PBM, Healthcare/Pharma/Bio, and Senior Living in Management, Financial,  Operations, Sales, and Project Management roles and expertise in public speaking, consulting, and training services.   As a senior Healthcare Executive at CVS Health for over 23 years across multiple healthcare and pharmaceutical industry verticals, she led client teams of all sizes.  She achieved significant success through sourcing and developing high-performing talent. 

 Serving as a volunteer, Jennifer founded the Phoenix chapter of NextUp (formerly Network of Executive Women), led their logistics team, and recruited and developed volunteers for the last ten years.  

 Jennifer also grew up working in the restaurant business and is the wife of a chef.  She is also the granddaughter, daughter, niece, and mother to military veterans, and has served as a champion for attracting, hiring, and retaining women and veterans throughout her career.   Jennifer has been in your shoes as both a hiring leader and a candidate.  She knows what it takes to build and retain a high-performance team and can leverage her knowledge, expertise, and deep network to help candidates and companies achieve similar success. 

 In this episode, we discussed many practical and actionable recruiting ideas, including:

 ·         It is not that you made a mistake in the past; everyone does; it is how you overcame it and grew from the experience.

·         Practice your interview, which helps you gain confidence and gets you into that glow state to prepare yourself mentally.

·         In the recruiting process, you often have two steps forward and one back; try to be graceful for those around you, give yourself kindness, and stay connected to your network for support.

·         Don’t take rejection personally – maybe the position was not meant for you.

·         The three things to remember are to update your LinkedIn profile so people can find you leverage your network, and this is your opportunity to redefine yourself, so take advantage of it.

·         You may need two resumes – one that the applicant tracking system companies use can read and one for your in-person meetings.

 Jennifer gave us her expertise and experience in the recruiting and selection world.  I know that you will be able to implement several new job transition ideas tomorrow after you have listened to this episode.  Enjoy – send Jennifer or me any questions you have – leave a rating for this show – share this with others.

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