People in Transition

92. Nichole Lee - Healer | Intuitive Guide | Transformational Life Coach

November 12, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 92
People in Transition
92. Nichole Lee - Healer | Intuitive Guide | Transformational Life Coach
Show Notes

Nichole Lee is a trauma-informed healer, intuitive guide, and transformational life coach. 

 She specializes in guiding individuals who are experiencing significant life transitions, feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or overwhelmed into rediscovering who they are, healing from past pain, and charting a fulfilling new path for their lives. 

 Before dedicating her life to healing and personal transformation, Nichole spent two decades as a Business Management Consulting Leader and Executive Coach, driving large-scale change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. 

 Nichole is certified in multiple disciplines, including life coaching, health coaching, spiritual coaching, energy healing (reiki, emotion code, body code), meditation and mindfulness, and trauma-sensitive heartmath practices.

 We discussed many recruiting, interviewing, and authenticity topics during this episode.   Some of the key issues discussed include:

  •  Expanding Your Networking Circle: Your relationships may be too narrowly defined on who can help. We discussed how you can think beyond the obvious and identify new and authentic ways to connect with others in supporting your job search. 
  • Discovering Your Unique Strengths: Asking your close circle, “What's my superpower?” can provide new insights into identifying and showcasing your inherent talents during the recruiting process.
  • Navigating Job Pivots with Clarity: We discussed how you can better understand and articulate the transferability of your past jobs and experiences with recruiters.
  • Creative Tools for Job Search: Integrating journaling, doodling, and voice notes can be creative and fun ways to help you gain clarity on your next opportunity while also remaining focused on the objective – finding a job. 
  • Emotional Management in Job Transitions: Embracing the emotions that accompany job changes is essential. Leaving an old role and stepping into a new one is vital to your emotional well-being.
  • Mindful Job Searching: Remember, you are not alone in your job search; your transition does not define you, and ensure you take the time to just “be” while searching for new opportunities.

 Nichole has seen and experienced it all – and you will get so many great ideas on how to make your own job search work better for you and have less pain/anxiety.  Thank you, Nichole, for sharing with us your tips/techniques.

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