People in Transition

95. Thea Kelley -Job Search & Interview Coach

December 24, 2023 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 95
People in Transition
95. Thea Kelley -Job Search & Interview Coach
Show Notes

Thea Kelley has over 15 years of experience as a job search and interview coach, catering to job seekers across the nation. Her book, "Get That Job! The Quick and Complete Guide to a Winning Interview," achieved best-seller status on Amazon and received glowing praise as "Excellent" from

With a focus on mock interviews, personalized feedback, and expert tips, Thea equips individuals to distinguish themselves in the job market and secure their desired positions.

Her coaching aims to achieve the following for aspiring candidates:

·        Foster confidence: Transform the interview process from nerve-wracking to empowering.

·        Articulate unique value: Clearly communicate what sets you apart.

·        Strategically handle tough questions with authentic responses.

·        Develop compelling resumes, social media profiles, and career documents that compel employers to take notice.

For valuable job search insights and a complimentary gift, subscribing to Thea's blog at is a smart move. From there, access one-on-one interview coaching, assistance with resumes and social media profiles, and tailored job search strategies—proven methods to expedite your journey to landing a fantastic job opportunity.

In this episode, we discussed several crucial job search topics:

 ·        Understanding your REV points (Relevant, Exceptional, and Verifiable) and leveraging them to stand out during interviews.

·        Emphasizing the significance of leaving a lasting impression on hiring managers through compelling stories that reinforce your suitability for the job.

·        Demonstrating, as a candidate, your ability to contribute solutions to the company's challenges and pain points.

·        Understanding the importance of nonverbal cues, particularly on platforms like Zoom, such as maintaining eye contact, smiling, and maintaining good posture.

·        Exploring and debunking the five detrimental myths associated with references, while learning how to turn them into an advantage.

·        Thea's final advice for job seekers: Preparation, authenticity, and specificity are key elements.

 Thea presented many insightful job search strategies and recommendations. Her clients consistently commend her for her intelligence, thoughtfulness, and genuine commitment to helping them find their next great job opportunities.

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