People in Transition

98. Laurie Swanson - Career Transformation Coach for Women in Tech

February 05, 2024 Bob Gerst Season 3 Episode 98
People in Transition
98. Laurie Swanson - Career Transformation Coach for Women in Tech
Show Notes

Laurie Swanson studied business and information technology at the University of Texas.  Her first job was as a computer programmer!  Then, she followed her true nature and shifted into Technology Recruiting and Software Sales.  She founded The Laso Corporation in 1995 and grew it to a multimillion-dollar boutique Information Technology search firm.  Around 2010, Laurie began to feel the tug towards doing something new.  She was evolving and knew that Laso and recruiting had run their course.  After considering many different ideas for years, Laurie knew for sure that she loved supporting women to live their dreams, and she was a coach at heart.  Coaching was the clear path.  Laurie got certified in 2015 and rebranded Laso as InspiHER Tech, a career coaching firm for women in tech and tech-related careers who have been dreaming of resetting their careers but are not sure where to start, supporting Laurie’s mission to empower women to create the careers and lives they love through a spirit-centered approach.

 Laurie is a giver.  She delights in giving back and is on the board of many local/Regional organizations.  Laurie is a personal and spiritual growth junkie who never says no to hearing your miracle story and is happy to share one of hers – ask! 

 During our discussion, we covered many points, including: 

 • The importance of reconnecting with your authentic self. 
• Common challenges in being selected for a role – too inexperienced or not experienced enough, not asking for what you want, and remembering you can only control yourself; the rest of the process, you must let go of. 

• Having a mentor in your job search and career is a great idea.  Laurie gives us suggestions on how to find the right one for you. 

• You will know you are out of career alignment when you are constantly tired, always looking at the clock for the end of the day, and over “X-ing” (e.g., overeating, drinking, etc.). 

• We are all born with our unformed selves; look for your passions, strengths, and values to help guide you. 

• On your job search journey, remember to have fun.

If you are in a career rut or need help in your job search, reach out.

 Laurie at www.inspiHERtech.comand sign up for a conversation to see how coaching might be the best next step!

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